capacity : 400

SPICK & SPAN multi-functional dishwasher capsules – innovative form of the capsule filled with a gel concentrate. One capsule – many benefits: it sufficiently removes tough stains, gives an even shine of glasses and softens water. It ensures an ideal match of washing efficiency and convenience of use! The capsule foil dissolves in water quickly and cares for your hands – no direct contact with the detergent!


before placing the dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher, scrape the rest of the food left on them. Remember to place the items following the instructions given by the dishwasher manufacturer so that they cannot interfere with rotation of the lower and upper spraying arm. Check if the filter is clean every time you wish to start the diswasher. Place the capsule in the detergent dispenser and close the diswasher door tightly. The tablets are designed exclusively for use in dishwashers.


If the skin is damaged and sensitive avoid a long-lasting contact. In case of a direct contact of the skin with the gel-rinse your hands thoroughly. Do not use dishwasher for washing antique, hand-painted porcelain, crystal dishes and hand-painted glassware, plates decorated with gold or other precious metals, bone, wooden or plastic handles, items made of aluminium and plastic that cannot be exposed to temperature over 70°C.

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